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Kexing Special Ceramics Co.,Ltd.

Jiangxi Kexing Special Ceramic Co., Ltd is an industrial ceramic manufacturer and advanced ceramic research company, which is located in Jiangxi Pingxiang Industrial Ceramic Park. Jiangxi Kexing Special Ceramic is specializing in manufacturing ceramic heat transfer media and distributing its products over the world. In 2012, Jiangxi Kexing Special Ceramic opened its North America Branch Office in Toronto Canada – Kexing Special Ceramics Co., Ltd. due to the high demand from our clients in U.S., Canada, and South America.

Industrial ceramic media includes: Ceramic Honeycomb Heat Recovery Media, Chemical Packing, Catalyst Carrier, Filter Plate as well as Alumina Ball, Baffle Brick, Saddles, Super Saddles. We provide customized solutions for honeycomb ceramic media under 900 CPS and our products are widely applied in the industries of chemical, electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, environmental, residential, etc.

Establishing long-term relationships with Central South University (CSU), Luoyang Institute of Refractories Research (LIRR), Hunan University (HNU) and Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute (JCI), Jiangxi Kexing Special Ceramic have achieved many patents by its research team. With the team of ceramic professionals and senior consultants, Kexing Special Ceramics has made significant breakthroughs of high temperature material and high cell density honeycomb ceramics and it will keep pushing the edges.

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 Trusted Partner
A solid partnership through an unique low risk subscription business model, which includes ongoing effective manufacturing and technology enhancement services, to ensure a strong return on investment from the start.
 Unique Advantage
For years, we have been fulfilling the honeycomb ceramic needs of European, North American and Asian customers. These products apply to regenerativ thermal oxidizer (RTO), regenerative catalytic oxidizer (RCO), and industrial furnace.??

 Research & Development

Establishing long-term relationships with Central South University (CSU), Luoyang Institute of Refractories Research (LIRR), Hunan University (HNU) and Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute (JCI), Kexing Special Ceramic have achieved many patents by its research team.
 Global Network

In 2012, Jiangxi Kexing Special Ceramic opened its North America Branch Office in Toronto Canada – Kexing Special Ceramics Co., Ltd. due to the high demand from our clients in U.S., Canada, and South America.

Saddles & Super Saddles
Honeycomb Ceramic Monolith
Filter Plates
Catalyst Carrier
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